Education for Influencers & Businesses Who Work With Influencers

Thomas & Co. Ave founder Erica Key Thomas has been working with companies for the last eight years on paid national campaigns with major brands. When she first got started, it was a hobby and she had no idea how to lay a business foundation, but she soon got a crash course when her blog and social media began to take off. 

For almost a decade now, Erica has gained valuable insight on how to scale growth, capitalize on content, and build a reputable and respected brand. With the knowledge that there are influencers and businesses out there who could use her tips and wisdom, Erica launched Thomas & Co Ave. to help brands and companies like you get on the right track and land your first paid partnership.

Let Thomas & Co Ave Assist You On Your Influencer Journey


We offer an array of influencer education modules meant to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful influencer. Or if you’re a business, everything you need to know to work with successful influencers. 

From knowing your niche to securing paid partnerships, we can guide you on an educational path that helps you reach your dreams and goals.


  • Access to our entire influencer education library — an arsenal of courses meant to guide you along your influencer journey
  • Weekly videos to assist you with your influencer journey
  • Monthly Zoom calls with brand reps to discuss influencer trends and what brands are looking for

If you’re not ready to commit to becoming a member, here are some standalone educational services we offer:

  • Influencer Management
  • Monthly Coaching Programs
  • Creating a content strategy to attract brands
  • Identifying ways to monetize your social media platforms and content
  • Discussing your purpose for posting and your ultimate end goal
  • Laying out your goals and coming up with a strategy for success
  • Identifying why you aren’t making money on social media and why brands are not reaching out to you

We offer different packages and pricing options depending on what you’re looking for and work with you to come up with a proposal that gets you the influencer education. If you have inquiries about the cost of services or would like more details, please reach out using the contact form below.

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