Thomas & Co Ave. is a full-service, boutique content creation agency. We offer custom content creation, influencer education and coaching that is sophisticated without being pretentious. We have worked with global and national brands like Nike, Panera Bread, and La Marca Prosecco as well as with boutique clients and small businesses alike.

We pride ourselves on assisting our influencers with learning the basics of influencer marketing and start by learning about their brand identity before establishing business goals, developing media kits, and creating customized content. Our goal is to provide brands with a solid foundation that they can build upon to go on and have illustrious futures because their success is our success. 

Meet The Founder


Erica A. Thomas

Founder Erica A. Thomas launched Thomas & Co Ave. due to a growing need she saw in the influencer marketing space: the challenge of navigating its robust landscape.

“When I first decided to launch my first brand Eating With Erica, I knew influencer marketing was going to be a big deal — I just didn’t know in what capacity. I had a website, an Instagram page, and a vision. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to turn this into a full-time career. I did it, but it wasn’t easy,” said Erica. “When I first started out as an influencer I was overwhelmed with absolutely everything. The verbiage in contracts had terms I wasn’t familiar with, my media kit wasn’t up to par, and I had no idea what I was doing or how to streamline this business or find true success in this industry. I launched Thomas & Co Ave. as a resource for influencers to learn the basics, how to network within the industry, how to make money, and how to streamline their business to be efficient and effective.”

With a background in corporate marketing & influencer marketing, Erica launched her successful blog Eating With Erica in 2013 and eventually found herself covering Atlanta’s dining, entertaining, and food scene full-time and has been featured on Good Morning America, Food & Wine, and CNN.  

Erica brings almost a decade of personal and professional experience as an influencer to the table and leverages it to help clients better their brands. She has worked with over 250 brands on paid collaborations during her influencer career and has created high-quality content for brands like Saint Germains, Panera, The Kentucky Derby, Kroger, Walmart, La Marca Prosecco, Chambord, Bud Light, American Express, Racetrac, Woodford Reserve and many more. Additionally, she has helped over 100 small to medium businesses create content and improve their online presence and digital footprint. 

After years of working with business and brands, she married her love for content creation and influencer marketing and launched Thomas & Co Ave in 2021. Today, she happily helps businesses create engaging content and also helps influencers turn their love of content creation into a sustainable business model.